Why am I not receiving push notifications?

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2014 04:27PM PDT

There may be several reasons why you are not receiving push notifications:

1. Is the site your school has connected to Blackboard Mobile Learn running Blackboard 9.1? Push notifications are only supported at school's using Blackboard Learn 9.1 and utilizing the 3.0 building block or higher.  Please don't get scared of the technical jargon, there is a quick way to find out!  Go to the School Finder Page, search for your institution, and look at the "Server Version" box.  A school running Blackboard 9.1 and using 3.0 will appear as 91.3.0 under "Server Version" or higher (e.g. 91.4.0).  Unfortunately, schools using Vista and Angel, Blackboard Academic Suite 8.0, and Blackboard Learn 9.0 cannot get push notifications in the app.


2.  Are you notifications set to "On" in the Settings area of the app:

3.  Are your notifications enabled when you access Blackboard via a web browser?  To check this please login to Blackboard via a web browser.  On your home screen, select the "Notifications Dashboard" in the top left.  From here, select "Edit Notification Settings" and then under "Bulk Edit Notification Settings" select either "Courses You Are Taking" or "Courses You Are Teaching."  Under "3. Settings," you'll see a check box next to "Mobile" and a check box next to "On/Off."  Please make sure that both boxes are checked.  If you find that the Mobile box is grayed out, it means that your system administrator has set the Mobile Notifications to a default position of always on or always off.  Please contact your help desk and ask them to switch the setting to “default on” or “default off.”  This will allow you to change the setting. 

4.  Finally, please ensure that notifications for Mobile Learn are enabled on your device.  Typically this is found within "Settings" on your device.

If you've gone through these steps and found everything is correctly set up for you to receive notifications, please contact our Support Team.  We'll need to know if you have been receiving email notifications as your normally would.



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